Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet The Senseys!!

Madam Yasmin

Madam Rokiah
(TOP rated lecturer!!)

During Celebrating Macbeth,
guess who's tha
t >:)

Who says teachers cant rock the world??
Got a bit clue now??? haha.

Madam Rovenna, LOVELY!!
(especially her gal, Avril WOOOT!!!)

You guessed wrong!!! He's NOT MR.G!!
He's his twin brother, or that what he called him.... hahaha!!!

1 Sem, 1 Post, 1 Malaysia!

Miahahahahha, it's been some while since i login into this blogspot. Nuthin' much to write, plus, IT'SSS BHOOOO-RING!!! updating a blog that nobody would ever read or even take a look into. Damn! But, i have nuthing to do these days, Yah!. nothing to do much except keep on reading junks and craps for my final exam. So, i'll write out some crappy nappy craps for the readers! LOL

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ga Ga Ga Ulala~ newborns BABES!!!

lets cut the crap shall we? hahahahaha. it's our third semester, a few bla3 from Rappers G (i'm not sayin' his a RAPER okeyyy. wink3. hahahah) and thaaa-dhaaa! here they are! our cute litle babies!!! as for our so-called-tesl-culture, we, THE SENIORITAS are allowed to bully em' for a week. well, not actually a week, only a 3-days-non-torturing-vacation in hell for them. hahahah. so, peek in guys (especially for our YOUNG, HANDSOME, THAFF and BACHELOR boys)! there some cute babes in this one. check em' out!!! (check my FB for a better picture, blog sucks. haha)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hensyin!!!!! Transphom!! ^^

okay!! here's the deal, Mr G want US to make a total makeover for the next semester! and so we did! lemme list the new crewz of the comitee!! so pls, check em' out bebeyh!!

cohort leader : Tengku Hydayatul
c.l assistant : Jazli Jahari
secretary : NurFarahida
sec. assistant : Nisrin
treasurer : Nurul Fatin


social & welfare : Zalina & Agness
publicity : Aliff ( thats me) & Auni Najwa
notice board : Aida Zulasri & Izza Ridzuan

plus plus!! + +
i've arranged the FACES so that it is easier for YOU to see the hierarchy!! (~,~)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

~TESL and..the people with relatives abundances of profession~

this is where we shout the words out!

every word. out loud.every move. in action.
every step. taken.
every moment. we shared.
WE ARE THE TEACHERS.soon enough.
the sweet and sour to be carried away.

once we're in standard 4 in primary school. we're tought of greeting the recipients (informal-letter)HOW ARE YOU. I HOPE YOU'RE IN THE PINK OF HEALTH...........

this would rather be in the syllabus that we'll be teaching soon,the school children of course!
we're glad of what we're doing. n will keep it up for the sake of generating newly fresh boys and girlsapart of giving them a new sense of learning, comparable enough to previous teaching in school for the kids.
as for the lifecycle moves on whenever we make a simple step.
that's it! that's what the teachers are for. hehe

we are NORMAL person. and we ADAPT TO CHANGES.

we 'the TESL-ian" would like to welcome all bloggers and readers to share the moment we had here in
MTEI-Malaysian Teachers Education Institute mostly known in Bahasa mELAYU(IPPP) and the activities we have undergone
for all while we are in this institute till...the graduation day!

the name sounds funny, what a cycle it is. heheh. yup it's our life cycle in here. it stands for the name of our batch-July intake 2009.
here, we will be trained for the profession successively 1 and half year foundation and another 4 years for bachelor degree in education.
do enjoy us! :D

ACTIVITY 1: ENGLISH CAMP.the camp is hold on 26-30 APRIL 2010, the camp is held as an early exposure to the surrounding of teaching, in which will be getting us used to the sense of teaching to school children ever since we're in the foundation level. This would help to give us a simple and short image of how it feels when we touchdown to school for education. During the camp we have carried out many activities. Some of them are Language Games, Dramatization, Forum and Public Speaking. All of us took part in the activities. All of them were VEEEERYY interesting :)

ACTIVITY 2 : TESL camp in Telok Batik
on 7-9 may 2010 another camp was held a week after the English camp which was the exact location this time would rather be a little more fun and relaxation during the whole dated day there...TELOK BATIK!!.. the stories here nothing less but having fun apart of creating good relationship among us the tesl-ians, knowing each other that would make sense of the location was pretty good suit to the activities done.directly for sure it's time to release some tension in us, put all the business away,empty some mind-area which quite stressing these few days. This camp was aimed to test our stamina and of course mentally and physically strength, based on the activities. we were exposed to some games such as the traditional one. some of us we caught didnt know what the game is and not even a name of it to be heard! wallahhh!! hehehe. proud of us. Thus in the hasitation we took this chance to learn how to play those interesting games. and not forgetting other for instance D.I.Y-stuff,on how to set a tent up! and also canoeing, sea-shore ball games, swimming for sure, chitchating by the shore, and captured some pictures to be brought home as a memory and the best thing you can check things out down here by looking at the pictures, banana boating!! yeayyy.. those guys seemed enjoying themselves having banana in the ocean. wuushh..wuushh..!

hi guys! say chheeeese!
now! you are tuned to a serious matter. UKJK test (ujian kecergasan jasmani), at this point we're stated to 5 posts excercises, as it concludes warm up, alternating run, jumping, all kinds of push up, stretching... and the fast too furious! 2.4km jogs. full stop. all of us were enjoying those even if it's quite tiring for who doesn't really spend much on excercising. but still it made good fun for us all.

we, the TESL-ians,cohort cycle3 would like to present our million thanks to Mr.Bachan and Mr.Sam for orginising such wonderful stuff and activities ( yet, tired. haha)..and we're wishing for the next!

Holiday is on its way!!
everybody just cant wait to be home for sure. everything were packed up. the bags.the boxes.the books. food stocks to be finished.clothes to clean up... and the list goes on! all assigments were done except for the ES and LDS!! waaaa... time.time! time is waktu!! and a lil bit of patient to be home. that's what we need now..! happy holsss everyone!!!! see yaaa

Thursday, April 15, 2010


hEy2..diS Our fiRst iNtrOdUctIoN Of Our blOg..fiRstly, wE r d tEsL fAmiLy Of IPG pEnAnG cAmpUs..wE arE wEll knOwN aS cOhOrT 3,cycLe 3 gEnErAtiOn..Our cOOrdinAtOr iS mS PatriCiA..n lEt's hAvE a gLaNcE Of OuR mEmbErS..

  • our leAdEr..nAbiL..
  • Our viCe..SyUhAdA..
  • Our sEcrEtArY..hAfiZ..
  • OuR trEasUrEr..bEllA..
  • aRiFF
  • iZzAt
  • jAy
  • dEaN
  • kEviN
  • eiNa
  • mAirAh
  • aKmA
  • aiN
  • aUnI
  • fAtEyN
  • kiZzA
  • fAtEn
  • shAriNi
  • tEnGkU
  • niSriN
  • shAlU
  • jAzli
  • alYf
  • hAzwAn
  • agNeS
  • FaRaH
  • liLy
  • iEqA
  • aiDa
  • aNisAh
  • nAdiA
  • mAizAtUn
  • lAiLa
  • syAhirA
  • fAtiN
  • diNi
  • sArAh
d mEmbErS Of Our fAmiLy..37 iN a fAmiLy..ha3..wE reAlly hOpE dAt Our fAmiLy wiLL stAy 2gEthEr 4eVa..n diS blOg wiLL be d plAcE 4 uS 2 shArE OuR memOriEs.....


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